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Sage Against The Machine

I have something I put together I wrote in the third person when I was running for mayor below.

But in a nutshell these are some things about me right now:

Here’s a semi-professional bio: Sage Lewis BIO

Here’s a page that talks about my speaking: Sage Lewis Speaker.

And here is a printable Speaker Sheet in PDF format. 

And here is this weird third person bio I did of myself. (I will now shrink off cringing.)…

Sage Frederick Lewis was born to John Lewis, a real estate title agent from Ravenna Ohio and Clayde Kuster Lewis, a stay-at-home mom, from Bedford Ohio.

They rented a house in Seville Ohio for the first several years of Sage’s life. They then moved to a small 4 acre farm in Chatham Ohio, in Medina County at the corner of Root Rd and Route 162.

The farm consisted of a few chickens, pigs and a couple beef cattle. Sage was an only child. He spent most of his time running the farm with his white German Shepherd-mix, Shadow.

At the age of 7 the family moved to 510 W. Smith Rd in Medina city.

Not long after, Sage’s father left the family.

Sage’s mother took a job selling printing with Minuteman Press for minimum wage. Eventually she acquired a teacher’s aide job with Medina City Schools which she retired from after 25 years. She always held a second job as Sage grew up working in retail, selling tickets at school sporting events and working at the city pool in the summers.

Through most of Sage’s childhood Clayde rented a room to a divorced woman, Susan Swaro. She worked at a local bait and tackle shop and would often take Sage fishing at the Medina County Reservoir.

In fourth grade Sage took a music test and was recommended to start playing an instrument. Keith Holliday administered the test. He would be a positive influence through Sage’s life. As an adult, Sage would play in a string quartet with Keith.

Sage became proficient at the cello. He studied cello with Julliard graduate and Akron native, Greg Fiocca in high school. Sage received a full scholarship to Baldwin-Wallace College for music performance.

Midway through college Sage switched majors to English where he met his wife, Melissa “Rocky” Lewis.

After college Sage took a variety of bartending and food service jobs, most notably as the head bartender at Medina Country Club and then as a breakfast and lunch server at The Ritz-Carlton in Cleveland.
During this time he got his real estate license. This was a major failure. He never managed to sell anything.
He went back to bartending at Jousters Pub on the square in Medina.

During the day he began teaching himself html by creating a business directory for Medina City.
He gained attention from Dave Rolling who hired him as a Web developer and assistant administrator of a small Windows NT server farm.
In 1999 Sage and Rocky started SageRock, a Web marketing firm that helps businesses increase sales online.

In 2002 Sage and Rocky moved from Medina to Highland Square in Akron Ohio. Their address was 81 Dick Ave.

They ran SageRock from their third floor until they needed to hire more people. They then rented space at the Ice and Coal Warehouse at 129 N. Summit St. in downtown Akron. SageRock was there for 6 years.

They then bought a building for SageRock just east of the city at 15 Broad St. in Akron.

15 Broad Street has become a small incubator for startup businesses and a center for artists.

In 2004 they had their only child, Indiana Sage Lewis. He currently attends Spring Garden Waldorf School in Copley Ohio.

The Lewis’ are avid campers in their popup camper. They take their dog, Sparky, with them as often as possible.

They currently live on Pershing Avenue on the second floor of a duplex.

Sage’s mother moved from Medina and also lives in Akron.