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If I was new to this site the first question I might have is: Why should I care?

I'm about 2 weeks into this campaign as I write this. The reason you should care about this becomes more clear to me with every passing day. 

We are in the process of just getting on the ballot for Akron City Mayor in November 2015. 

We need between 372 and 1116 signatures from Akron voters. If I was running as a Democrat or Republican I would only need 50 signatures. Why the difference, you ask? It's really very simple: They don't want Independents on the ballot. 

They want just Democrats and Republicans. And in reality, they want just insider Democrats and Republicans. 

You might think I'm being extreme and maybe even conspiracy theorizing. 

Today is June 23, 2015. And I'm going to tell you who is going to win the November 2015 election for Akron Mayor: Dan Horrigan. 

Dan will win the primary in September and then he'll just slide in as the winner in November.

This will happen simply because it's what the Democratic Party wants to happen. They will flood his campaign with between $500,000 and $700,000. You will hear his name all over the radio and the TV. You won't really know what he stands for. But if you vote in the Democratic primary ("the only election that really matters," Akron political insiders are fond of saying) you'll just vote for Dan because you've seen him everywhere.

No one will be able to raise a similar amount of money and the race will just come down to name recognition.

And that sucks!

If you noticed, I didn't once say anything about what you want or what your vote counts for. They can all but guarantee they will play you just the way they want you to play.

At this point I'm not even suggesting that you vote for me. Although I'd love that, if we get that point. I update this site daily with information on what my mayoral positions are.

At this point I'm just asking you to help me get to that maximum number of signatures: 1116. 

I tried to get the 50 signatures I needed to be in the Democratic primary. The two outsiders' signatures were denied. The 4 insiders all had their signatures approved. But I'm not quitting. I would rather be known as a loser than a quitter.

Everyone tells me this is a long shot at best. Most likely they will deny my signatures no matter how valid they actually are. I anticipate having to take this to the Ohio Supreme Court. And I also anticipate them siding with the Summit County Board of Elections.

But then we will have won. We will have clearly made the point that they don't care what the people want. They only care about staying in power and running the system any way they see fit.

We will have exposed the unjust system that it is. And maybe then we can start to work on fixing it.

So, I'm nowhere near asking you for your vote. All I'm asking you for is your signature to request that my name be in the November ballot for City of Akron Mayor. Having one more option is never a bad thing.

We'll be hosting events over the season. Click here to see what events we have coming up. 

And we will also be setting up signing stations throughout the city. It's a good way to check out a new business and while you're in there you can sign my petition to run for mayor. Please remember that signing a petition in no way says that you endorse me or will vote for me. It's just a way of saying "let this guy be on the ballot." The only requirement is that you have to be an Akron registered voter.





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