Sage Lewis for Akron City Council

I don’t like looking at kind things people say to me (I actually prefer the angry things they say). The kindness people show me is so overwhelming and generous. I don’t feel deserving of any of it. I’m just a guy that has been very fortunate to have the space in his life to stand up for people that the societal system has forgotten and demonized. I’ve seen MANY kind and generous people. I’m just one of countless people trying to do good work in the world. Thank you for taking the time to write these things. – Sage

MLE Media Endorses Sage Lewis For Akron Mayor

In their article “The Only Sane Choice for Akron Mayor is, Insane!” they write:

He has proven that he is not afraid to buck the system when he feels the system is wrong. I don’t see Lewis “playing ball” just for the sake of politics. If I’d have to compare Lewis to another politician I’d say he is a mix of Donald Trump without the racism and Jimmy Carter without the meagerness. He believes in helping those that need it most, he has no problem saying exactly how he feels rather people like it or not. He is an off the cuff, off his rocker candidate and I believe that is what Akron needs. The most sane choice for us as a city in 2023 is seemingly a man I am not 100% sure is sane himself.

– Michael Long