The machine is grinding us into food for the system. Fight the system. Fight the machine. It is not your friend. 
Sage Against The Machine.
Libertarian Humanist.

Fighting for social, economic and environment justice for all Akronites.

My priorities are clear:

  1. Homeless - they are as much a part of our community as every one else. We need to come up with new and innovative ways of helping them.
  2. Hungry - I meet so many people that are hungry. It shouldn't be that way. We can fix this.
  3. Abandon homes - they are all over the city. We need to look at innovative ways of fixing this too.
  4. Business startups - we can make Akron the startup capital of the country. It's my specialty in my work. We can help the young, poor, old and everyone in between to startup successful businesses.

We can't ignore the weak, the poor, the outsiders, any longer. It hurts our entire city.

From WKYC: "Unlikely Candidate"

"The Mystery Cowboy Candidate"



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