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10% of City School Kids Are Homeless

November 9, 2021

This article just came out:
Over 100,000 New York City public school students were homeless last year, data show. - The New York Times

About - Akron Public Schools reports that they have more than 21,000 students.

NYC city schools, DOE Data at a Glance reports that there are 1,094,138 students in the NYC school system.

Project Rise, in Akron, typically reports that about 2000 kids are homeless each year in Akron.

NYC has 100,000 homeless students.
Akron has 2,000 homeless students.

So, these are the percentages:
NYC: 10% of its students are homeless.
Akron: 9.5% of its students are homeless.
There is only one reason this is happening: Our government is allowing it to happen. Poor people were never part of the American plan. It was always for rich landowners. And you have been tricked into believing that's the fact of the matter.
You live in a Democracy. Yet you allow the ruling class to let your kids freeze and starve. Sooner or later, it all becomes your fault for letting it happen to you. I'm sorry to victim blame. But you are an abused sheep. In my less than ideal moments I sometimes just feel like you deserve what you get because you don't fight for much of anything.

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