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A New Police Officer In Town

April 26, 2022
Since the beginning of creating homeless tent villages I've been very open to working with the police. We often want the same things: Less violence on the streets. We aren't a place to hide anyone from the law... especially people that burn down buildings and try to outright kill people.
There are a few REALLY dangerous people out there. And it's not the drug dealers typically. It's usually seriously mentally ill people.
But anyway... there is a newer Akron Police officer that is making AMAZING connections with me and several of our homeless neighbors. He's a great communicator, highly ethical and a really hard worker.
He came up on the Eastside of Akron. He was a lower income kid that took a different path.
He knows how to use relationships in powerful ways. He's always looking for the win-win. He'll help keep us safe if we help him track down violent people. It's extremely cool.
I'm trying to get him to let me talk about him specifically. But he hasn't wanted to let me do that yet.

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