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Blake More and his company: CNE Electrical Contractors Just Installed at Brand New Electrical Panel at the Houseless Movement House.

March 15, 2022

This right here, ladies and gentlemen, 2 electricians who came to the Houseless Movement house to install a BRAND NEW 200 AMP electrical panel so that we can keep the people who stay with us in tents and tiny houses warm.

This is ALL thanks to Blake More and his company: CNE Electrical Contractors. They supplied all the labor AND the materials totally for free.

All winter long we fought with keeping electric heaters running in our tents. At one point we had so much electric running that a breaker sparked 7 INCHES STRAIGHT UP! It was getting REALLY scary.

This summer we are going to put outdoor, CFCI outlets on the side of the house. Each tent will get a dedicated 20 amp breaker. We will charge $10/week per tent. (it won't totally cover the cost. This month's electric bill just came in: $582.41. But it will definitely help.)

Thank you Blake! Thank you CNE. You have dramatically changed our lives.

We now have:
A new furnace.
A new electrical panel.
A Shower and toilet anyone can use 24/7.
A house phone (we just got a wireless handset).
And Wi-Fi throughout the house and garden.

I feel like we are getting to a point now where we are almost at ground level of basic human functioning in 21st century America. Until that happens, I really don't believe we can even BEGIN to have a conversation about drugs, or jobs or where you want to go next. You are simply too obsessed with survival to think about anything else.

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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