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What Can Liberals Do Now That Trump Is President?

February 5, 2017

I was talking with a homeless friend of mine this past week.

He said, "I know you don't like Trump. But Trump is the best thing to ever happen to you."

Look at this gun sales chart:

The best thing that can happen to the gun industry is a Democratic president.

These trends are very reliable.

Newton's Third Law applies very well in politics in America:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object.

This is where all that "American Freedom" comes in that we hear people talking about.

We are free to protest, speak out and act.

There are many people who understand this and are already leveraging it.

Michael Moore was waiting in the wings on election night:

In December he was protesting outside Trump Tower:

He was at the Women's March:

You will see all your old liberal friends continue to come out. And, more importantly, you are going to get new liberal friends coming on the scene.

A big guy on the scene right now is Brandon Chrostowski, founder and CEO of Edwins. Edwins is the French restaurant in Cleveland that trains felons in his fine dining facility.

The mission of Edwins is "to instill leadership skills in formerly incarcerated men and women through an education in culinary arts; providing our community with tomorrow's leaders."

The official name of Edwins is: EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute. It's a 501(c)(3) that has recently gained massive national attention. He's been running since 2013. But it's no surprise that it's exploding nationally right now.

Here is some recent media:

Steve Harvey Show (ABC):

Huffington Post:

2016 CNN Heroes:

Reddit Front Page Conversation:

Support EDWINS:

Undoubtedly, his restaurant is getting crushed right now with reservations. But he knows not to stop. He has to go with the momentum.

On top of all the attention he is getting now Edwins restaurant CEO Brandon Chrostowski announces Cleveland mayoral bid. He's going to run for mayor of Cleveland.

"I'm not looking at approaching this like a politician. I'm approaching it like a businessman and someone who cares."

It doesn't matter if he wins or looses. This will continue to create a platform for his cause. He plans on expanding his felon rehabilitation program. However, I believe his chances are really good for winning. We are in a really interesting outsider, populist era of politics that will benefit newcomers like Brandon.

My point is simply this: If you have a "liberal" idea or if you want to get more involved in helping "liberal" causes NOW IS THE TIME.

All you have to do is look at who is being attacked and get involved in those areas:

  • Immigration
  • Environment
  • Native Americans
  • Poor people
  • Public Schools
  • Health Care for the poor and old

There will be more areas that come up as we go along.

  • Consumer protection will probably become an issue
  • Food and drug safety
  • Anything with Muslims
  • Anything that is harmed by lack of regulations
  • We're at war with Mexico and Australia
  • Democratic politicians

You will find a sympathetic audience for any of these causes.

The number one thing people tell me is: "I want to help but I don't know what to do."

I'm going to list a few things that might inspire you:

  • Find something in your house that you aren't using and give it away.
    • Clothes that don't fit.
    • Your XBox 360
    • Your PS3
    • All that stuff in your garage, basement and storage unit
    • People need your stuff you aren't using.
  • Go to the Red Cross and ask to volunteer. They need people to help with house fires.
  • Go to the Salvation Army and ask to volunteer. They need people to serve meals.
  • Give money to panhandlers. Trust me. Most of them truly need the money.
    • FYI: There are many homeless people that have, after years on a list, finally gotten assisted housing. But they are required to pay a minimum amount of money each month to stay in the housing. It's very common that these people rely on panhandling to raise this money. If they can't pay up they are kicked out of the housing and put at the back of the list.
  • Start a non-profit. Here's a pretty good article on the process.
  • Donate to the ACLU | American Civil Liberties Union
  • Start a blog to raise awareness about your issue.
  • Start a Twitter or YouTube or Instagram or Pinterest account dedicated to your topic.
  • Go to any of the endless Trump protests. This seems to be a weekly occurrence.
  • Start your own protest march
  • Start a Meetup group for your cause.
  • Find a Meetup in your area that focuses on your cause.
  • Post on Facebook about your cause. (STOP posting about how much you hate Trump and how stupid he is. It isn't helping you. Ignore Trump. Focus on your cause.)
  • Join a Facebook group about your cause.
  • Start a Facebook group about your cause.
  • Make signs for protesters or panhandlers.
  • Make a Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for the group you support.
  • Learn about the organizations in your area that are helping causes. They aren't usually great at marketing. Offer to be the marketer for these groups.
  • Run for office.
  • Go to your Board of Elections and ask them what positions are opening up. It is their job to help you get that information.
    • There are a couple school board positions, for example, opening up at the Akron Schools this coming election.
  • Get scarves and hang them on a bridge fence where homeless are nearby. Leave a note to let them know they can take them.
  • Ask your favorite restaurant what they are doing with their leftover food. See if you can figure out how to give it to the homeless and low income people in your city.
  • Socks. Collect socks and give them to your local shelter. Homeless ALWAYS need socks.
  • Shoes. Collect shoes for homeless kids. They ALWAYS need shoes.
  • Buy a rental home, fix it up and rent it to low income people.
  • Let someone stay in your garage or your basement.
  • Let a person pitch a tent on your land.
  • Find a "Street Card" for your city and learn about all the local organizations helping the homeless.
    • A street card is what is given out to homeless people so they know where services are located.
  • Buy bus passes and give them to homeless people that want them.

Here is the controversial part of the article: Only do what is fun and what you enjoy. You will find that you get A LOT out of helping people. It's OK to be selfish about your giving. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it. Look for something else you enjoy.

For example, I enjoy working with the homeless. I am fascinated by why they are homeless, how they live, what they do with their time. I'm just really into it. I also happen to really like homeless people. They remind me of me. I love their independence and freedom.

This "enjoyment" keeps me coming back. I want to do it because I enjoy it. It just happens that they are people that need help. So my interest and their needs line up. It's almost just a coincidence.

I think some people believe they should be only thinking altruistic, Godly thoughts as they help people. If you are capable of thinking that way then great. Think that way. But altruism is a very high level of thinking and living. Most people simply aren't at the altruistic level of thinking.

And Business People: There is A LOT of money in non-profits. Sure. They run different than a for-profit organization. But if you are into entrepreneurship and growing organizations you will likely not find a more well received organization than a non-profit. Brandon Chrostowski raised $1 million to rehab several buildings to house the people he is training.

Be selfish in your giving. Let yourself feel proud and full of joy as you give. The outcome will be the same and is all that matters.

Any emotion you have is totally natural and totally fine.

In fact, once you get into giving you will likely find that it is much more rewarding and fulfilling than any pursuit of money and things you have previously been driven towards.

Let yourself give. I truly believe it's what all of our humanity, technology and evolution has been geared towards.

(Here's my spiritual, "crazy" thought: Giving and love and kindness is our natural path. It's where we are headed. I also happen to believe it is necessary for a greater universal cause that we don't yet know about. We are being groomed for a great need. But please don't judge me on my spiritual thoughts.)

Now is your time. If you have ever thought about wanting to be part of something bigger than you there may never be a better time in your life than right now to do it. It likely will never be easier and more well received.

Have fun!

And thank you.

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