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City of Akron Salaries for the Mayor and his Cabinet

March 18, 2021

As of March 11, 2021, the average annual pay for a Mayor in Akron is $171,265 an year.
City council members make $34,694. The council president makes $44,616
These are 2015 Numbers:
Chief of staff: James Hardy: Annual salary: $106,454.
Deputy chief of staff: Annie McFadden: Salary: $95,000.
Law director: Eve Belfance: Salary: $127,837.
Deputy mayor for public safety: Charles Brown: Salary: $127,837.
Director of finance: Diane Miller-Dawson. Salary: $127,837.
Deputy director of finance: Steve Fricker. Salary: $116,896.
Deputy mayor of economic development: Sam DeShazior: Salary: $127,837.
Planning director: Jason Segedy: Salary: $127,837.
Deputy planning director: Adele Roth: Salary: $116,896.
Deputy mayor for intergovernmental affairs/senior adviser: Marco Sommerville: Salary: $127,837.
Public service director: John Moore: Salary: $127,837.
Deputy public service director: Chris Ludle: Salary: $106,454.
Deputy mayor of labor relations: Randy Briggs: Salary: $106,454.
Director of neighborhood assistance: John Valle: Salary: $127,837.
Director of communications: Christine Curry: Salary: $106,454.
Chief information officer: Phil Montgomery: Salary: $106,454.
Assistant to the mayor for education, health and families: Terry Albanese: Salary: $106,545.
Assistant to the mayor for community relations: Billy Soule: Salary: $74,518 (working part-time).
Akron City Debt: $975 million
Annual Debt Service that is charged to us for holding that debt: $43,860,438
Akron Median Household Income: $38,739
People in poverty: 23.5%

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