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Dan Horrigan is bought and paid for by Partners Advancing our Future

April 14, 2019

I would like to draw your attention to Exhibit A: An October 22, 2015 article from Akron could see first million-dollar mayors race; more than $800,000 spent heading into final weeks before Nov. 3 election

Did you know that we now have SuperPACs in Akron politics? Well we do. (from the article linked above):

Just as in the primary, Horrigan is far outpacing his opponents, especially with the influx of funds from Partners Advancing Our Future, an independent expenditure group led by prominent Akron business and community leaders that is supporting him. Horrigan and the Partners group together have spent more than $685,445 -- about 83 percent of all spending -- as of the latest reports.

This is SO important because of what the other opponents were able to raise:

Mike Williams (the democratic challenger in the primary): spent about $48,000 and another $80,000 by a group called: Akrons New Era.

Eddie Sipplen (the Republican candidate) spent over $18,000. He didn't have a SuperPAC.

Let me show it to you this way:

Why do you think so many rich people poured money on the Horrigan campaign?

Was it just because they LOVED Dan Horrigan so much that they wanted to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars to see him take control of Akron?

Was it because they got rich by throwing money away left and right?

Was it because Dan Horrigan is the most amazing leader they've ever met in their lives and wanted to see him take Akron into the 21st century like no other leader could?

Of course not. They want something for their money.

Rich people make investments. That's what they are born and bred to do.

Dan Horrigan was picked for two reasons: He had some name recognition and, most importantly, they knew they could control him. It's his "good guy" persona. You see it every time he needs to make a decision. He pays a panel to research a problem and make the decision for him. He is EASILY influenced.

You can smell it a mile away.

Let's do a little research on Partners Advancing our Future

Nearly $540,000 already spent in Akron mayoral primary - News - Akron Beacon Journal - Akron, OH

On top of this, Partners Advancing Our Future, an independent expenditure group, has sunk nearly $372,000 into television ads, billboards, mailers and other expenditures to back Horrigan. This is the same group, whose supporters are primarily prominent businesses and CEOs in the Akron area, that backed retired Mayor Don Plusquellic in his last campaign in 2011.

Summit County voters to decide on sales tax increase -

The largest contributor to the fund was Partners Advancing our Future, an Akron-based political nonprofit that names local business executives as board members, including State and Federal Communications CEO Elizabeth Bartz, FirstEnergy Vice President Joel Bailey, Akron Legacy Real Estate Development Principal William Ginter and Greater Akron Chamber Executive Dan Colantone.

Here is a link that shows what Partners Advancing our Future stands for:

Partners Advancing Our Future Reviews and Ratings | Akron, OH | Donate, Volunteer, and Review | GreatNonprofits

Causes: Community & Neighborhood Development, Economic Development
Mission: To positively promote the city of Akron, Ohio, its progress, its strengths, and its future.
Programs: Promoted the city of Akron's standard of living and business climate by promoting the positive qualities of Akron.

Do you see why Dan Horrigan doesn't like talking about issues like poverty, racial inequality, gun violence, addiction and homelessness?

His controllers are focused on "promoting the positive qualities of Akron."

Dan Horrigan is controlled by the group Partners Advancing our Future. They, BY FAR, flooded his campaign with money and if he wants to stay mayor he will do their bidding.

They want Akron to be a place that only looks at "the positive qualities of Akron."

On top this, this is the EXACT SAME GROUP  that backed retired Mayor Don Plusquellic's campaign in 2011.

This is the machine that controls Akron.

The people don't control Akron.

Partners Advancing our Future control Akron.

We must fight back against the money.

We must come together as ALL the people of Akron. It is only us that will fix the real problems of Akron because Partners Advancing our Future just wants to talk about the pretty parts of Akron. That will only make things worse.

Please join our group: Save Akron Movement

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