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Day 92 - Forget Mayor. I'm going to be a fortune teller - On The Road To Mayor

September 9, 2015

darth On Day 8 of this journey, June 17, I told you Dan Horrigan was going to win: Day 8 - Everybody knows this is Dan Horrigan's Town - The Road To Mayor - Sage Lewis for Mayor of Akron

Talk to an insider and they will tell you one thing: Dan Horrigan is going to win.

How did I know how you were going to vote? How did I know what you were thinking? I must be a magician. Nope. I'm a marketer. I told you in that article that he will have hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He bought your brain. There was not one single thing that made Dan Horrigan a clear winner of this race other than his money. I heard people tell me they remembered he worked at Swenson's. I heard people tell me that they went to high school with him. I heard people tell me that they thought his family looked nice. He was just playing you. And he drilled it into your head over and over again. If you really want to break out of politics as usual you are going to have to stop letting those Jedi Mind Tricks lull you into a mindless behavior doing what the brochures and robo calls tell you what to do. You are better than that. The other problem is you didn't have much of an inspirational choice otherwise to snap you out of the Dan Horrigan trance. Vote on issues. Vote on good leadership. Vote on ideas. You might think this is all really not important. But I'm here to tell you: Akron is teetering on the edge. We can go the way of Detroit very quickly.

  • Akron General is not Akron owned. (my guess is that it will start to be downsized very soon.)
  • University of Akron is $60 million in debt and closing major aspects of their school.
  • There is 27% poverty in our city.

What lays before us is no joke.  "Moving Akron forward."  "Bigger, better, stronger." These are not ideas. These are marketing catch phrases to get stuck in your mind. Fight the Horrigan mind games. Think before you vote.  

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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