Democrats Are The True Threat To Homeless People

Here’s the Headline and article summary:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Considers Housing Migrants on Cruise Ships
New York City’s shelter system has been overwhelmed with new arrivals, but advocates for the homeless say the idea is insulting.

This is the response Democrats give EVERY time:
“It just seems absurd that the city would consider cruise ships once again as a solution to the homelessness crisis,” she said. “We know what the solution is — it’s permanent affordable housing.”

Someone comes up with a new idea for sheltering homeless people and then the Democrats ALWAYS come back with this response: “Permanent Affordable Housing” is the only answer. There is no other answer. Not tiny houses (they call them shacks). Not tents (they say they are beneath human dignity) . Not luxury cruise ships (they say they are insulting.)

And meanwhile, homeless New Yorkers go around at dusk looking for cardboard boxes to sleep on. They don’t have ANY cover like a tarp (It’s probably inhumane to give them a tarp). I’m quite sure the Democrats would love to eradicate cardboard from New York, if they could.


Take a guy who sleeps on a piece of cardboard every night in New York if he’d like a private room on a cruise ship. I am willing to bet every dollar I own that he would say that’s an improvement.