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Do The Right Thing

April 30, 2020

This is Kenny Boldt. He has instilled within me a very powerful motto: "Do the right thing."

Very often I hear his words when I am tired or lazy. "Do the right thing."

A couple weeks ago a grandma, mom and 8 year old girl were on the street. This kind of tragedy is so prevalent and so insurmountable I often see it and often just let it go. "What can I do?" I say to myself.

Kenny brought these people to me and said, "Do the right thing."

That started the wheels in motion. I talked to Lerryn. Lerryn talked to our partner, Peter Maurin Center, and we got them in a hotel that night. And now they are in housing.

None of it would have happened without Kenny telling me to "Do the right thing."

Thanks Kenny. You make me a better person.
(For the record, Kenny is homeless and almost always takes care of others before he takes care of himself.)


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