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Ep. 2 The Other Side. Making an Entrepreneur 

February 6, 2016

I'm a little unsure about this post. 

The world is filled with pie in the sky visions of what "taking control of your future" looks like as an entrepreneur. 

Fancy trips. Working 4 hours a week. Fancy cars. Big houses. 

That end result, if it happens, is the product of all the things I talked about in Episode 1

Being an "overnight success" usually takes years. In fact, the wealthiest small business owners I know are the kids and grandkids of the original entrepreneur. 

While I know not one single entrepreneur that only works 4 hours a week, I do know entrepreneurs that have some nice things... Including me. 

The thing that seems to be trending with entrepreneurs is the Tesla. 

I know an entrepreneur that bought one for himself and then bought one for his wife. 

Another entrepreneur I know just recently put a picture up on Facebook of himself picking up his new Tesla. 

I talked to an entrepreneur that bought a second vacation home right next to their current vacation home because they liked it better. 

Another entrepreneur always takes his wife on a weekend shopping trip on her birthday weekend. They also go to Mexico 2 or 3 times a year. 

And then there's me. I'm a traveler. Usually I prefer ocean trips. 

A couple weeks ago we were in Daytona Beach. This is my kid getting some ice cream from the ice cream beach truck. 


Earlier this year we spent 3 weeks at Yellowstone National Park.   

A couple months before that we were in Washington DC. 

Next week we're spending the weekend at an indoor water park. 

A couple weeks after that I'll be in Houston for work. I do that every year. It's always during the Houston Rodeo. That's where I get my cowboy hats. 

And those are just the big trips. Weekend camping trips are almost a constant thing for us between May and October. 

It goes on and on like that. 

 I wouldn't say that money isn't an issue for travel. But it's rarely the first thing we think about. We also never think about how much vacation time we have. That's not a thing in our lives. 

It's harder to work around school schedules than it is work schedules. (I just work on the road.)

We always pay cash for everything. We don't have credit card debt. 

We also don't have student loans. 

We live in a duplex where the tenant pays the entire mortgage. 

While I certainly wouldn't call us rich, we are set up very nicely financially. 

We owe that all to being entrepreneurs.  

This is the other side of being an entrepreneur. 

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