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Hazelnut Grove homeless village to be cleared

January 25, 2021

The truth of homeless camps sweeps is that they are doing exactly what they have always done to people that don't like... they are forcing them to move somewhere else. 

Doing this is in our DNA. We did it with Native Americans. We did it with Japanese in World War II and now we're doing it with homeless people. Americans are cruel and inhumane. Period.


Portland vows to clear Hazelnut Grove homeless village |

Barbara Weber, who’s been living in Hazelnut Grove for about a year, said residents knew this might happen. Still, they’re furious. “I've suffered chronic homelessness. I know what that feels like,” Weber said in an interview Tuesday. “That's it. And I want to be with this community, and [the city] promised to move this community to land where they could be self-governed together, not ripped apart.”

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