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Homeless Headlines for February 16, 2021 - Vaccines, Extreme Cold, Photo-op Camp Sweep

February 16, 2021

I'm going to try putting all the homeless headlines I found interesting for the day into one post. 

L.A. homeless COVID vaccine distribution is fraught with obstacles - Los Angeles Times

Doctors and nurses had culled a list of nearly 900 homeless people they wanted to vaccinate. Their outreach workers walked the streets of skid row preaching the gospel of Moderna’s two-shot salvation. And they sought out people in the community’s large shelters to make sure they got pricked. The goal was to offer a lifeline to one of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations. But the effort to vaccinate the homeless population and the skid row community, which is just getting underway, is fraught with obstacles. ADVERTISEMENT

How people are helping the homeless in the extreme cold |

AUSTIN, Texas — Homeless service providers are really stepping up to try to get people to go to shelters. Solid Ground Ministry, who typically operates out of Texas Oaks Baptist Church in South Austin, turned that church into a 24/7 shelter over the weekend.

"As unfortunate as the situation is and as dangerous as the situation is, it's been a very sweet time that we all get to spend together, which is kind of cool," said Fisher with a smile. "So the volunteers are exhausted. Everybody is kind of worried about any dangerous stuff that's around the area, of course, and accidents and things of that nature. And so everybody's kind of tense and uptight. But at the same time, it's being described as a very big lock-in or sleepover at the at the church."

Activists protest sweep of San Jose homeless camp, call it a photo-op - San José Spotlight

Advocates for the homeless gathered Monday to protest an upcoming sweep this week of an encampment, comparing the action to former President Donald Trump’s church photo-op and calling it cruel and out of touch. “We have open buildings, we have the space. There’s no need for these people to be on the street in inclement weather or under any other circumstances,” said the Rev. Jeff Moore, president of the local NAACP. “I’m here to today to tell you, ‘No more sweeps.’ We must have some place for them to go, somewhere to take their belongings.” The advocates allege the clearing is taking place to make room for a photo-op for Mayor Sam Liccardo at a nearby tiny-home project on Felipe Avenue called Felipe Bridge Housing Community, which opened Thursday.

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