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I put the City of Akron Budget Online

August 31, 2022

I'm not sure why I get attracted to one idea or the next. But I woke up today and decided to make a spreadsheet for the Annual budget for Akron city.

City Council actually voted to allocate money to put the budget online. But they have not done it.

So here is a spreadsheet for the Akron City Budget. It has data from 2018.

The city has their budgets online from 1994. But the problem is that they are all in PDF format within hundreds of pages of narrative. So, digging out the numbers is really challenging.

Here are those budgets if you'd like to see them:

I undoubtedly will forget to update this next year, or even that I made this spreadsheet in the first place. But if you email me and remind me to do it I'll gladly keep this up to date. [email protected]

If you'd like to see the data in different views, or if you'd like to see more data just let me know.

Have fun!


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