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I'm a "Trouble" Spot

March 25, 2022

My wife is donating her older mace to a homeless woman. It's still good. But she decided to get a fresh one.

Violence is absolutely on an upswing right now with my homeless friends. Both men and women are being attacked. We had 5 outside men roll through our camp this past week. They attacked several people.

One man has several broken ribs. Another man was drug outside of his home. And a woman was hit because she refused to come out of her tent to pay proper respects to one particular man.

Did I call the police? I sure did. What was their response? There was nothing they could do. And I was told that if I called the police on these men who I Trespassed it was likely I wasn't necessarily going to get much help because I'm a "trouble" spot. See how that works: "you should stop getting yourself beat up. You're making it worse for yourself."

If you have any mace you aren't using please consider donating it to a homeless person. They are living incredibly vulnerable and violent existences.

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