Sage Against The Machine


(I posted this on Facebook. But it applies here. I’ve turned off commenting altogether because people create fake accounts and comment here.)

I’ve always wanted people to have their say on what I discuss. I understand that the actions and ideas I present are controversial in some circles. And clearly the entire topic of homelessness and drug use are debatable. But I’m changing on that thinking.

I love the First Amendment and the philosophy it represents. Words will not kill anyone directly. But they certainly can change the tide of things. I understand that this is my private account. But I like that we can discuss issues together.

Even if I don’t like what someone has said to me, I often can find something helpful in their anger that helps me grow a little.

My primary hater is back coming at me again with multiple accounts and texting me and messaging me.

I know a little about this person. And what I know is that he lost someone very dear to him to drugs. And I know that he has serious mental health issues.

My thinking today is that by letting him talk, it works him up. The more he talks the more he talks. So I’ve taken to deleting and blocking all his accounts.

I think it is not healthy for him to keep churning up this anger he has for me.

And I know that it also hurts my friends to see his hateful comments. It scares them for my safety.

So, these days I’m deleting comments and accounts that hate me and homeless people and poor people and Black people.

It’s not that I don’t want to hear their thoughts. But it’s that I don’t think it’s healthy for them or you to have to be exposed to them.

This is how I’m going to proceed:
If I feel like you are coming from a place of rational discussion (and I know that’s going to be a huge judgement call) then you are welcome to say anything you want.

But if you start going off about how homeless people are losers that should get a job (or some variation of that) I’m probably going to delete your comments and block you.

I understand you think that all these people need to do is walk down the street and stop in at any machine shop or fast food place and get a job. I KNOW THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK. I’ve heard it and I understand that’s your position. But I don’t need to hear it any more. I get it. These are complicated situations. If you tell me some ham-fisted “solution” to homelessness like this, I’m probably going to delete your comment and I probably will just block you.

Same goes with telling me that people just need to quit drugs. Same goes with telling me that Black women need to get a man in their life because Black communities are terrible because of single moms.

I feel a little sad that I’m doing this. But ultimately I’m doing it because I feel like the hate hurts you and hurts others.