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My jobs idea

May 26, 2022

In low-income communities in a city, IN GENERAL, women boost (they steal from stores) and men scrap metal. Copper wire is the ultimate prize. They burn off the outer coating of the wire so that it pays more.

They are all making about $10-$40 a day.

Most people refuse to fly a sign for money. They find it too degrading. Those people make about $20-$40 a day.

As we continue to stabilize our tent community (we had a really good week this past week. We just need to keep stringing good weeks together) my idea is to create piecework jobs where a person gets paid per thing they make. I'm thinking like jewelry and t-shirts.

If I can get to a point where I'm offering a job that pays $20-$40 a day whenever a person needs it I could stop the stealing, scrapping (which is often stealing) and panhandling.

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