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One Last Marijuana Plea - Yes on Issue 3

November 2, 2015

I know why most of you say you don't like Issue 3. 

"It's a monopoly. I mean it will say that on the ballot. So it must be one."

It is not a monopoly

In 2009 you voted to allow only four casinos in Ohio. 

By definition you were in support of a much greater monopoly then. 

But for some reason now having 10 growers, and the ability for individuals grow their own pot and to have over a 1000 dispensaries is a greater affront to your capitalistic sensibilities. 

No. You don't smoke pot. Your friends don't smoke pot. You are uncomfortable with pot. 

So you rationalize voting no on issue 3 because it is a "monopoly."

Last week a very prominent artist visited me. 

He talked to me about the cancer that continually comes back and fills up his abdomen with pain. Marijuana reduces his nausea, reduces his pain and makes him want to eat. 

I personally know several people that rely on pot to help them with their pain and suffering. 

And then there's the minorities. 

Africa Americans and Hispanics are an easy target for law enforcement. 

The war on pot smokers has become absurd and grotesque. 

You might say, "Well let's wait till next year when we get a better bill."

I believe there won't be another pot bill in Ohio for at least 10 years. 

The Republicans that run Ohio don't want this. They will claim that voting down Issue 3 was a mandate by the people that Ohio doesn't want that evil drug in our good state. 

Remember, we voted to not allow gay marriage. Ohio is leaning very conservative right now. 

This bill is fine. 

But most importantly, voting Yes on Issue 3 is supporting our sick, our poor and our weak. 

Please vote YES on Issue 3. 

And vote no on Issue 2. That was just a sneaky tool put on the ballot by the Republicas to negate issue 3 in case you voted for it. 

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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