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Pictures From Last Night's Fundraiser

January 27, 2023

Here are some photos from our fundraiser to support my run for Ward 8 Akron city council last night.

We were at Mercedes' Tavern which is run by Cindy who is incredible. I got to meet Cindy's partner, Ruth, who is at least as incredible as Cindy. (I find that every successful business owner has a partner behind the scenes that quietly, yet powerfully, supports that business-owner's dreams. That's definitely the case with me and my wife, Rocky.)

I'm always so humbled and honored when people make such large efforts to come out and support me. As a person who likes helping other people, I have a very hard time asking for help myself. I'm so deeply grateful and indebted to all of you that are so kind and generous and caring.

Maybe it was all those years as a bartender, but I love being with ALL kinds of people. Rich, poor, young, old, Black, White, conservative, liberal. And the wackier you are the more I like you. I love the wide array of amazing human diversity.

I think that love of all people is what we need in politics today. We have to stop hating 50% of the country when in reality we agree on 90% of everything.

I mean, check out these pictures. For some reason, a WIDE variety of people don't hate being around me. I consider it a great honor and blessing that I am able to be friends with such a diverse group of people.


We have to stop looking at our differences and start looking at our similarities. It is extremely hard to do because the most powerful institutions, corporations and political parties only survive by keeping us hating each other. So they will do anything in their power to incite hate and fear and downplay love and acceptance.

I'm telling you: you can find much to like in every single human being. EVERY SINGLE ONE, if you just stop looking for reasons to hate them before you even meet them.


That is the foundation of everything I will be working on as Ward 8 Akron City Council. Coming together, listening, trying to understand each other... and then looking for ways to help each other. THAT is how we reduce violence in our schools and our neighborhoods. THAT is how we reduce addiction. THAT is how we reduce oppression.

You can't expect change without changing. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME FOR AKRON'S WARD 8 CITY COUNCIL IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY ON MAY 2, 2023. Give me a shot to see if these new ideas make a difference.

I love you and I'm so thankful for you.

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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