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November 10, 2022


A Communist friend of mine recently asked me to get back to the energy where I viscously, brutally and vulgarly verbally attacked racist and murdering cops.

So, instead, I thought it would be more fun to attack his sacred cow: COMMUNISM. (Everyone loves when I attack their enemies. And then they quickly get butthurt when I come after their team. All institutions are rotten and corrupt and deserve to be violently reformed.)

Communists are these sweet, young summer children that believe the words of Marx. That there is an utopian fantasy world where it's all peace, love, harmony and bliss.

The problem is that these young people haven't been on the planet long enough to understand the true nature of human beings. At our core we are as beautiful and as terrible as anyone can imagine. ALL OF US. Balls of love and hate, light and dark, good and evil. All rolled up in a juicy meat bag of impermanence and prone to disease. Our consciousness makes us insane as we try to make sense of this senseless existence.

We aren't capable of utopia. And all the tests of Communism throughout history have proven it.

The first thing a Communist does when they get into power is create a dictatorship. All freedoms go away. Democracy and freedom of speech are the very first items on the very long list of Communist annihilation. If my friend snapped into power as a Communist the very first thing he would do is send me to a black box detention center to torture me into understanding the beauty of Communism.

That's the great irony of Communism. They want us all to be equal. But we are nothing other than equal lumber and rocks to equally spread around the world. No one is better or worse. We are all equal. And saying otherwise is worthy of death and torture. I'm sorry but that ideology simply does not jive with a creature as fucked up as a human being. We want things to be fair, not equal.

Deportation of political opponents, classicide, mass starvation and famine induced by reckless economic planning were common traits of both the Soviet Union under Stalin and China under Mao Zedong, while the Khmer Rouge which ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 were responsible for the mass killing of political opponents. (they'll say that these weren't "real" communists. But this is how Communism manifests itself in the "real" world.)

One of the most clever parts of Capitalism is that the free market does all the economic planning for us. When we have too much of something prices go down. When we have not enough of something prices go up. Clever. In Communism the government has to handle every single detail of economic planning. It becomes too much to micromanage and so invariably massive gaps in supply and demand happen.

And then what happens is that black markets pop up. Underground capitalist markets appear to sell you things that you can't get through the government. People still get rich in Communist states... just like street drug dealers. And since they don't have the support of the government they handle debt their own way through torture and murder.

I love where all of this ideology comes from. I love what my Communist friends represent which is that people are taken care of and we all have what we need to live.

But if there was a war of people trying to implement Communism I would be happy to fight to the death against Communism. (Honestly, I don't think Communism has much of a substantial following. Most people are escaping Communist countries to come to America, if they aren't killed for attempting to escape the dystopian nightmare that Communism produces again and again.)


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