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Sage's Birthday Only Special Offers For His New Book

September 15, 2021

My newest book, "The Homeless Activist" is coming out on my birthday, September 28. I'll be 50 years old. The whole lead-up to this day has been very strange for me. Life feels like an unstoppable freight train. There really isn't anything you can do other than just keep riding it.

Doing activist work has made me both incredibly pessimistic and incredibly optimistic. I'm existentially pessimistic because I don't believe there is much of any hope in changing the system. The system has always been run by the few elites who do pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want.

And then I'm blissfully optimistic because the world has YOU. And countless people like you. You might think I'm just blowing smoke up your ass to sell books. But I'm not. This is how I truly feel. No matter how bleak things look, all I have to do is look up for one moment and there YOU are. Believing. Hoping. Smiling. It's just mind-blowing.

If the people ever actually get control of running things I truly believe we will live in a world of compassion, love, kindness, and common-fucking-sense. I don't really see that happening, like ever. But that's also ok. Because you are out there picking up the pieces that the system repeatedly creates by killing, torturing, and destroying our natural resources. You just keep on doing good, in spite of it all.

My latest book is specifically for you. While it certainly calls out the atrocities created at the hands of the government, churches, and homeless service providers, it's not really about that. It's about giving you solid ways to help our homeless friends.

Whether you want to hand out some bags with granola bars and toiletries or you want to run your own illegal drug den, I've pretty much done it all and I'll tell you how to do it.

My point of writing this post is to let you know that the book is coming out on my birthday, September 28, 2021. I am going to give my biggest and best discounts and offers on that day... and that day only.

And the primary way I'm going to let you know about the offers is through my email signup. So, if you are thinking about getting this book, PLEASE be sure you are signed up for my email list. I think you'll be glad you did.

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