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SATM Podcast - Is it time for Chief Mylett to go?

October 13, 2022

Episode 100

Based on these 4 items I believe we have enough information to determine that Chief Mylett is not the right person for the job of Akron Police Chief and should resign:

  • Ethan Liming - downplaying the gun he used to attack those young Black men and demonizing the Black men.
  • Jayland Walker - not releasing enough video footage and withholding names of officers. The Beacon is suing them for the information.
  • Dealing with Protestors
  • Taking Names off of badges.
  • Reinstating officers.

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The silence of friends – Whoopsie Piggle - standing up for the Black men attacked by Ethan Liming and his friends.

Comrade Ohio on Twitter: "@WKSUJeff @WKSU Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett has a troubling past and thats why be bounces around so much. He was sued for discrimination in Washington by a Black police officer + he sued a Texas department for "discriminating white officers"...shady...proof below" / Twitter

Kristen Anzuini on Twitter: "Protesters took to the streets of Akron’s Highland Square neighborhood to voice their anger about the eight Akron police officers involved in #JaylandWalker death returning to work" / Twitter

Comrade Ohio on Twitter: "Justice For Jayland Walker This morning at the family press conferance, Ray Greene with The Freedom BLOC @thefreedomBLOC spoke about Akron Police stalking, harrassing, targeting + brutalizing community members who have taken to the streets. APD gang needs disbanded. Abolish." / Twitter

(4) D.C. ( on Twitter: "@AkronOhioMayor @MaddowBlog @FoxNews @TheJusticeDept @MSNBC @ComradeOhio" / Twitter APD Assaulting a black man.

Jacob Blake's father arrested in Akron, Ohio during protest over police shooting - YouTube

(822) Councilwoman: Bringing back 8 Akron police officers not good idea - YouTube

Everything we know about about the protests in Akron Wednesday night - YouTube

(822) Akron protest arrests - YouTube Police punching Michael Harris

Akron police update Ethan Liming's death, ongoing investigation - shows video of Chief Mylett talking about the gun Ethan and his friends used. Start at about 6:37.

(822) My Response to Akron Police Wrongfully Identifying a Black Man - YouTube - showing how police don't talk to protestors and don't show names.

Are Akron police becoming too secretive in wake of Jayland Walker?

Why we're challenging Akron's increasingly secretive police department Akron Beacon Journal Editorial Board

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