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Street Rules Reform

April 29, 2022

I like working on the street. I like the people. I like the excitement. I like being street smart.

But this "no snitching ever" policy is beginning to infuriate me.

When your boyfriend abducts you while holding 2 guns after repeatedly, severly beating you and then goes on to shoot another person in the head and then sets all your belongings on fire in the truck he just stole, YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR HELP.

It's not like The Street will protect you. NO. The Street protects the murdering arsonist madman. It's EXACTLY like the Police Union.

Now I have to work on protecting multiple people that The Street suspects called the police. They don't know who called the police. But they know someone did and they're pissed.

What a bunch of fucking bullshit.

You want to make a no snitching policy on drugs? Fine. You want to make a no snitching policy on theft? Fine. (the police won't help with that anyway.)


(I can't believe I have to call for Street Rules reform. There are literally ZERO organizations in the world that put the people first.)

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