The machine is grinding us into food for the system. Fight the system. Fight the machine. It is not your friend. 
Sage Against The Machine.
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The Shadow Of Death

October 6, 2021

I am walking in hell. You see me on your Earth. But I am not there. I am in the Other. The place I am standing today is the shadow of your world. You would call it the anti-world. I call it Reality.

It’s a place of anti-hope. Anti-humanity. It’s not just hopelessness. That’s a place of ambivalence. I am in a place where hope is the enemy. Where the machines live and the people die. Yet the people are not permitted to actually die. Only their soul dies. Their bodies churn the machine.

It’s all I can see. That’s all there is before me. It’s not even a place of death. Death is peace. The place I reside is anti-life. It steals life and forces it to work to serve the machine.

The machine rules the anti-world. We have been taught to serve the machine. The machine produces nothing more than more parts for the machine. Of the machine. For machine. By the machine.

The machine has become our God. The machine rules every moment of our existence. We are its servant. We are its slave. And we thank it for its slavery. We are grateful for its bondage. We thank it for keeping our backs bent and our heads tilted to the dirt.

You live in a world of make-believe. And to keep the dream alive you fill your life with more make-believe. TV, movies, Facebook. You believe there is hope because you won’t allow yourself to see the Real. To live in the Real.

You live a lie because the truth is a black sun too dark to even acknowledge.

When did you become such a believer in the machine? Your parents knew the machine was evil. But you forgot. Or worse. You chose to forget.

You cling to your political party like it’s some sort of savior. Yet in reality, it is your destroyer. It is the destroyer of worlds. It brainwashes you into believing the enemy is that black man over there. That meth head over there. That prostitute over there. That rich man over there. You’ve never met them. But you are certain you know them. They are the evil you must kill. They are the insidious disease that is rotting your life. Or so the serpent tells you so.

The serpent is the machine. The machine is the ruling class. The machine is your enemy. It must be destroyed.

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