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The Temporary Injunction I Signed Yesterday

October 28, 2022

(I am not a lawyer. Everything I say here could be wrong and misunderstood. The funny thing about the law is that regular people can't understand it. If anyone in the know wants to correct what I have said here please just let me know.)

I signed a piece of paper yesterday agreeing to not shelter people in tents or any other structures (other than in our house) on 2 parcels of land owned by the Church of the Nomadic Spirit.

This is a Temporary Injunction (I believe they called it). They are going to decide if they need to push this further based on "what I do this winter."

The lawyers of the city of Akron said very explicitly that winter is coming and they want to see if I will shelter people on my land (or any land really).

If I do they will continue to come back at me. If I put anyone on these 2 pieces of land I face fines and jail time.

They want to see if I dare shelter anyone during this Northeast Ohio winter.

I told them I'm looking forward to seeing what I'll do as well.

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