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This Is Why You Don't Rat Out A Shooter, Chief Ball

August 19, 2020

I've been thinking about getting a gun. I've been thinking about the Ruger AR-556 MPR

As I was fantasizing about my new purchase, my obsession turned to murdering a particular drug dealer in my neighborhood. I thought about how, when, where... I was getting so into the idea that I had to just stop thinking about buying the gun altogether. (I don't really want to go to jail for killing one shitty drug dealer.)

But I'm telling you, that's where we are in our American cities today. The democratic parties that have run these cities for decades are now to the point of blaming us for the gun violence.

Our (Akron Ohio) police chief did a video with our mayor where he said:

We need the community's help. Oftentimes community members may not want to share their information. So frequently we will not have a person on scene that we can talk to about what had happened or what they saw before officers arrived.

We understand their is a real component of fear that's at work there. But we need to do our very best to overcome it.


Here's that part of the video:

At one point in dealing with this particular drug dealer, I was talking with a police officer. He told me that this guy "couldn't shoot all of us" if we worked together. So, if this guy starts spraying bullets, if we all don't shit our pants and run for cover... that if we all rush him at once, then we could take him down.


I think maybe the key point these police officers are missing is that MOST PEOPLE have little to no interest in taking on a murderer. They don't want to be part of a shoot out. They don't want to risk the lives of their entire family by "overcoming a real component of fear."

We allĀ  know about this drug dealer I'm referring to. The police know him. The entire neighborhood knows him. We ALL know his background. Yet he just walks freely around town.

The reason I was talking to a police officer about this asshole in the first place was because he attempted to cut the leg off of a friend of mine on the side of my building with a machete. The victim certainly wasn't going to turn him in. He was just thankful he didn't cut his leg ALL the way off. I just was sick of this guy's shit.

Do you think the drug dealer got in trouble for that heinous act? HELL NO! He left town for a while. But he's back now.

You see, the people living in these neighborhoods are left to fend for themselves with these animals. It gets pretty fucking scary at night all alone out there.

Do you know why people will never rat out a shooter? Because there is absolutely no guarantee the police are going to do anything about it. Then you have a super pissed off guy that is more than willing to kill people looking for your rat ass.

So, unless I'm willing to go kill this guy myself there is no way in hell I'm going to name him in this article. Everybody from that neighborhood knows EXACTLY who I'm talking about. But they won't say anything either.

Why would I think talking to the police now would be any different than when I talked to the police when he tried to cut that guy's leg off?

This is how it all works: people in the "good neighborhoods" sit around wondering why neighbors don't speak up. Then the mayor and the police chief look like they would do more "only if" people would start speaking up. They get voted in time and time again because institutional voters and old people don't want anything to change. And poor people don't vote because they are so beaten down that they don't think anyone will make things better for them.

If we don't have a viable alternative career path for these people besides drug dealing and being part of a gang then there is no talking or basketball playing that will ever solve this problem.

I am at the point where I TRULY believe the only hope is Batman. WE NEED BATMAN.

And I'm not even joking.

P.S. I forgot to mention another component of all this inner city neighborhood community dynamics. Even if you file a report anonymously, you have put yourself at incredible risk. Because if ANYONE gets word of that fact that you did it, there is a big possibility that they will go to the drug dealer to rat YOU out. (The ratting policy only works one way. You don't rat out the drug dealer. But snitches get ratted out to the drug dealers all the time.)

"Why" you ask? It's simple. They might get some free drugs for being loyal. (That's exactly what happened to me.)

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