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Thomarios Construction Is Dan Horrigan Pillar Of Power We Must Attack

January 5, 2021

A standard approach of bringing down a dictator like Dan Horrigan is to attack his pillars of power. You go after the people that help him maintain power.

Thomarios is a long-term benefactor of scraping money off of Akron. Not only do they get really juicy contracts, they also got the Cannabis grow house in Akron. 

It's just another case of rich white men giving money to rich white men.

Here are some articles featuring all the work they have been given by the city of Akron.

Who won Ohio's big medical marijuana grow licenses? 5 things to know -

Adam Thomarios, owner of Northeast Ohio construction company THOMARIOS, is president of AT-CPT of Ohio, which proposed a site in Akron.

Take an underground look at Akron's $184 million Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel -

Members of the construction team hail from a  joint venture representing Welty Building Co., Parsons Construction Group and Thomarios Construction.

Akron opens two new fire stations -

Station 4 was constructed by Thomarios

Klutch Cannabis Announces Strategic Partnership with Kiva Confections

"Saying that Klutch Cannabis is excited to be teamed with Kiva Confections is an understatement," said Klutch Cannabis Founder and CEO, Adam Thomarios.

Akron-based Thomarios Construction and Cleveland-Based Sandvick Architects will work with Weston on the CitiCenter project.

Akron-based Thomarios Construction and Cleveland-Based Sandvick Architects will work with Weston on the CitiCenter project.

Akron City Council expected to approve $306,000 for moving city employees from CitiCenter building, making way for development project -

In late 2018, Akron hired Thomarios construction’s Apostolos Group to move the employees, office furniture and “multiple floors” of filing cabinets, Beckert said.

Akron medical marijuana cultivator, processor AT-CPC of Ohio to showcase operations for local officials -

“The Department of Commerce has done a good job with getting something new off the ground,” said AT-CPC President Adam Thomarios. “There are challenges with any new industry, but all in all, the department has done a very good job.” Thomarios attributes AT-CPC ‘s high score to the company working to exceed the state’s expectations, and to the leadership team’s expertise.

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