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Trying To Give You A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Homeless Person

March 22, 2022

This is a wonderful article about the homeless men that were recently murdered by another homeless man:

I am an ok writer. But I wish I was a great writer so I could better express to you the swirling life of confusion, ghosts, depression, anxiety, trauma, fear of many homeless people. It's like a thick, dark molasses of what some might relate to as demonic possession. You can't escape. And in fact, you are so deep in the mix that you feel like you SHOULDN'T escape. That you are fighting a grand battle between good and evil. In a way, you are.

From the outside it looks like trash and insanity and thrashing from here to there. But on the inside it's Don Quixote fighting to save the universe from windmills, unable to separate reality from fiction.

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