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We currently have 21 tents up at the Church of the Nomadic Spirit.

May 5, 2022
We currently have 21 tents up at the Church of the Nomadic Spirit.
I was watching a news video out of Seattle. It was of a community of housed people living next to unhoused people. The housed people actually sounded really understanding. One man said that he was willing to share the space but the trash had taken over everything.
Another person said unhoused people were stealing minor things from cars and whatnot.
You MUST have someone who has the authority to kick people out and demand basic things like keeping your space clean and not stealing from neighbors.
Here is a woman spreading straw around her tent at our camp to keep mud from getting tracked into her tent:
Here is a picture of my friend Rob looking in disbelief of what had become of this unstructured camp:
THE TRASH ALONE should be reason enough to let me shelter people on my own land. I pay for an 8 yard dumpster to be picked up twice a week.
If the city closes down my camp they are just going to send people back into the woods with no bathrooms, no trash service, no electricity, no running water.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: YOU CAN HATE HOMELESS PEOPLE AND STILL WANT ME TO DO THIS WORK. I am helping the entire community by bringing even a basic form of structure to homeless people's lives.

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