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Akron Councilman Russ Neal at City Council Being Accused of Creating an Unsafe Workplace.

February 16, 2022

The photo is a quote from Pastor Gregory Harrison on the accusations that Councilman Russel C Neal Jr created an unsafe workplace (while only ever meeting on Zoom) for 6 women. Councilman Neal doesn't even know who these women are.

I've linked to all of public comments from this Akron City Council meeting below. I don't know what happened. But I know this: Russ Neal consistently stands up, very respectfully, against the administration. I also know that the accusations were leaked to the Beacon Journal by someone in City Hall. So, while I certainly want to hear the accusations. I also think it's a pretty big coincidence that it is Russ Neal who is the person being accused of this. I have heard a lot of racist and misogynist stories come out of city hall. But I've never heard anything about Russ Neal.

Reverend Beaty:
On Russ Neal.

Erika Amika - Redwood apartments.

Pastor Harrison:
Russ Neal.
Textbook Lynching.
"Every black man that speaks out should be afraid."

Dee McCall:
Community Organizer with Freedom Bloc.
Grassroots organizing.
"Councilman Neal is a great man."

Councilwoman Omobien:
Innerbelt fiasco.
Rehab houses at Douglas and Bishop. Those individuals cannot afford to move. Come up with a certain amount of money to help them rehab those houses.

There are people in Akron that can't afford a new home.

Councilwoman Mosley:
"We have a housing shortage here in the city of Akron."
"Rent is skyhigh". $1600/month that were $800 2 years ago.
"Concerned about the mass evictions that are coming because of the high rent."
"You can get a voucher but you can't find anywhere to live."
"I support Russ."
"We should not be the tone police."
"How has Russ created a hostile work environment even though we haven't met in person since July"

Councilman Neal:
"I still don't know who my accusers are."
"I have never harrassed a woman."

Mayor Horrigan:
"Some of you are on a victim shaming tour."

Councilman Kamer:
Animal control.

Councilman Fusco:
Have an investigation.
We have rules that we have to follow.

Councilman Neal:
"I don't even know who the 6 people that are accusing me."
"Nothing was brought before me.

Councilwoman Omobien:
What happens when his staff is disrespectful to council.

Councilwoman Mosley:
I only found out about this issue because the Beacon called her. They were sitting on this story.
"I respect leadership. But we were all elected the same."

Councilman Freeman:

Councilman Neal:

Council President Sommerville:
A safe work environment.

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