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Getting Birth Certificates For People Living in the Houseless Movement Garden

February 17, 2022
I sometimes get accused of being a country-wide magnet for homeless people. That the tents and acceptance we offer at the Houseless Movement is SO good, that people will come from all over the country to live with us. (It has happened once or twice, but it's EXTREMELY rare.)
I'm going on a birth certificate run for some of the people living with us right now. Here are their month, year, and city where they were born:
  • Woman: Born February 1972 in Akron Ohio
  • Woman: Born September 1989 in Akron Ohio
  • Man: Born August 2000 in Akron Ohio
  • Woman: Born January 1984 in Akron Ohio
  • Man: Born March 1970 in Barberton Ohio
  • Woman: Born March 1984 in Barberton Ohio
  • Man: Born November 1957 in Canton Ohio
  • Man: Born April 1981 in Ravenna Ohio
These are OUR people, OUR children, OUR fathers, OUR brothers and sisters. If we can't take care of them then, really, what CAN we do?
Birth certificates cost $22 each and then IDs which come next are about $12 each. If you want to help support this work, please consider donating at the Houseless Movement by clicking here:

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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