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A Call For Podcast Guests for Sage and Friends

August 7, 2016

I've been committed to creating a podcast. 

I am at a place in my life where I feel more like an artist than  a business person. 

It's actually a message I'm trying to instill in other business people. 

Coke gets it. I want you to get it too. 

When you are passionate and in love with your work you become an unstoppable force. Those that work for just money are small and weak. 

Anyways, I degress. 

To help my podcast I'm looking to start booking guests. I need them to come to my studio. That's simply because I've invested a lot of money on equipment to make the quality of the show consistent. 

I am not looking for just anyone on the show. I can't promise I'll make you a guest. But here are some general people that I would like to get on the podcast:

  • Leaders in homelessness causes 
  • People running for political office
  • People currently in political office 
  • Business owners 
  • Drug addicts
  • Drug dealers
  • Prostitutes
  • Right to lifers
  • Fundamentalist Christians
  • Muslims
  • Homeless people 
  • Homeless teens
  • Black Lives Matter advocates 
  • Racists 

Those are just some of the people off the top of my head. If you have something unique and interesting about you let me know. 

You can come on anonymously if you want. 

If you are interested just email me: [email protected]

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