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March 14, 2023

I'm really excited about the abortion access amendment groups are trying to get on the November ballot in Ohio. The proposed amendment would provide that every “individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions,” including abortion.

On top of that there is an Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative that I think is also going to be on the November ballot.

Conservatives simply don't care about women or people that find relief with marijuana.

WE IN AKRON KNOW THAT IS WRONG. We fight for the people. ALL PEOPLE.

I believe power is all about organizing. I have an idea I will implement as Ward 8 City Council Person (Vote May 2, 2023). I'm calling it THE WARD 8 COMMUNITY ALLIANCE. It is the foundation of everything i'm trying to accomplish. It's a community organization initiative that starts at the most micro level - creating Block Clubs.

A Ward leader is in a great position to help organize at this most granular level. But that's just the start.

Once we get a basic framework of Block Clubs organized then we can start organizing groups of Block Clubs. These will become Neighborhood Clubs. And then Neighborhood Clubs become Area Clubs. And Area Clubs become Ward Clubs. Ward Clubs become City Clubs. City Clubs become Region Clubs. Region Clubs become State Clubs.

Ward 8 is a perfect place to start this movement. Ward 8 citizens are kind and educated and thoughtful and caring. When I'm out meeting people I hear it over and over again: We are doing well and we want everyone to do well. Ward 8 is set to be a wonderful leader in humanitarian justice. Just look at all the signs in Ward 8 yards calling for social justice. It's incredible.

The Reproductive Rights Initiative people need 400,000 signatures to get their amendment on the ballot. Akron and Cleveland need to be helping lead this incredibly important work. AND WE MOST CERTAINLY WILL.

Please keep an eye out to make sure you sign the petition to get this amendment on the ballot. And if this is an issue that is important to you please look into how you can help this cause.

Moving forward, groups behind the proposed constitutional amendment, will need to collect over 400,000 valid signatures of Ohio voters by July 5 to qualify the proposed amendment for the November ballot.

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