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Akron City Go Home Owner's Taxes Just Went WAY Up

January 3, 2021

If you aren't aware of this, you should be.

I was just reading this Letters to editor: Property taxes rising amid pandemic, thanks to Summit County office

The property value of my home went WAY up. I can afford to pay these new significantly higher property taxes. BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE THAT CAN'T?

And please don't forget that Akron is allowing rich people to come into it's city and build new houses and get out of paying property taxes for 15 years. That means rich people that build in Akron don't have to pay for the roads or the schools or the fire stations or the ems or ANYTHING that the rest of Akron property owners have to pick up the slack for.

City of Akron, Ohio - Mayor's Office - DAN HORRIGAN - clearly hates all existing Akron home owners and wants to throw us over for newer, shinier home owners.

It's all just unbelievable.

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