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Another mass shooting

June 5, 2022

I'm just going to use these mass murderers as a time to remind you that this isn't about guns (although I'd like to see some tightening of gun laws). It's not even about mental health, which is my great interest of opportunity in America.

America is a cauldron of centuries of unaddressed systemic rot. Of course slavery that leads to extreme oppression of Black Americans is there. But so is the fact that we work everyone in this county to death with no healthcare and wages that don't keep up with housing costs.

We've given all our good jobs to other countries and the robots. We don't do one fucking thing when our kids are gunned down in our schools.


Just ignore this mass shooting. You know your leaders certainly will. They like it exactly like it is right now. You or your kid could be next. No one will protect you in America.

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