Sage Against The Machine

My new June 2022 lawsuit

The city of Akron has just filed yet another lawsuit against me for sheltering homeless people. Our attorneys are so kind to me. Consoling me for this action.

I didn’t expect anything different. In an America where unlimited children can be murdered in cold blood and NOTHING CHANGES why would I expect Dan Horrigan to do anything different than what he’s always done: treat his homeless residents as vermin. The lawsuit is because we are a “Nuisance.” Human beings. American citizens… They are now relegated to the same level as diseased rats.

And do you know who’s doing it? DEMOCRATS!

I publicly show the sheltering of people who have absolutely nowhere else to go for one reason: to show the cruel, hateful nature of a proud Catholic Democrat mayor. What a bunch of complete and total bullshit. And it’s YOU DEMOCRATS that stand with these lying, duplicitous, evil leaders… From New York, to Akron to San Francisco… They ALL are complete liers.

Until you vote for someone better than the likes of moderate Democrats like Dan Horrigan, Joe Biden, the Clintons and Barrack Obama… THIS IS YOUR FAULT. YOU are putting more Black men in jail. YOU are criminalizing people with a brain disease that you love to snearingly call aDdIcTs. YOU are torturing Americans who can’t afford to live in this overpriced nightmare of a country by repeatedly voting in Democrats that create these torturous crimes against humanity of not letting these Americans live anywhere in their own country including my private land.