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I've Never Told Anyone This Before

June 9, 2022

I've never admitted this to anyone other than my wife. But I carry a gun.

Every time I go from the West side of Akron to the East side of Akron I put on my holster and my handgun. It's an 8 round clip plus 1 in the chamber.  I have my conceal carry permit. (I'm also a licensed gun dealer.)

I would like more background checks. Like, why can't anyone voluntarily do a background check on someone to make sure the person they are selling a gun to can legally have a gun? We don't have to make it required, but it sure would be nice as an option. And I have a bone to pick with Hartville Flea Market. They are the biggest arms dealer for moving illegal guns into Akron. They should be required to do background checks.

But I don't like limiting rounds in clips. Here's why:
I work with drug addicts and drug dealers nearly every single day. And I don't have a great relationship with all of them. I've called the police on a couple. That's grounds for a death sentence in some cases.

It's a gun game in all the cities of America right now. When you limit rounds in a clip you are only hurting me. The guy who lives in Akron but is from Chicago, has a violent gun charge on his record, and everyone knows he has zero emotions... He's just a machine. THAT guy is going to bring who the hell knows what to the scene. Cops have very explicitly told me he's extremely dangerous. (Yeah. That's the guy I called the cops on.)

I also carry mace. I've never pulled my gun. But I've pulled my mace (I've never used it) multiple times. Just last Friday I pulled it twice. A guy freaking out in my car started hitting me because he didn't think I was driving him fast enough to the hospital for what he was convinced was a drug overdose. (I think it was just a total psychotic break.)

And then later in the day a guy started hitting me because someone stole his TV out of our house.

I know never to pull a gun on a guy who's just throwing hands. Shoot, I didn't pull a gun on the guy swinging a sledgehammer at me. But guns are prolific out here.

Please don't limit my mags.

(And I'd also like to keep an AR on hand for my government. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. There is a line on how far they go with taking away women's rights. I'm just not going to stand for it. I'm a Don't Tread on Me guy for women's rights.)

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