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An Alternative to Dan Horrigan For Akron Mayor


Dan Horrigan is who the Democratic party wants to be the mayor of Akron.

He will be given a lot of money by the Democratic Party.

Honestly, I don’t know much about him because there isn’t a lot out there from him.

The biggest information I’ve found on his stance is this WAKR interview:

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He has a Facebook page here: But so far it hasn’t been updated very much.

I’ll keep an eye on his positions and add them here.

These are some quotes from Dan in the above interview:

  • “We had a lot of customers in the Clerk of Courts”
  • “Working collaboratively”
  • “Your focus needs to be keep moving forward.”
  • “Leaders lead”
  • “Moving forward with a strong financial position is key to everything.”

Those are the qualities he believes a mayor needs to have. That’s interesting to me because those are the qualities every successful business person must have if they ever hope to succeed. I’ve been a business owner and entrepreneur for 15 years over two recessions. My profession is helping other companies be successful. I believe these qualities are exactly what Dan is referring to.

The interesting thing about the interview was that he said we need to move forward. But he didn’t describe how to move forward. It could be that he has some solid ideas on that but didn’t get a chance to say them on the interview or online.

Yes, we need to move forward.

You can read about some of the Initiatives here I’m working on.

The sewer is a huge issue. The EPA is now open to more integrated strategies that include green programs. I’m a huge proponent of that kind of integration. 

I’m not saying you should vote for me. I just want to give you another option to what the Democratic party will tell you to vote for. There’s a lot of information on this site. I add to it daily.

Hopefully you will find something that interest you. And I’m always happy to talk.

You can find me on social media here:

You can email me here: [email protected]

And here’s my cell number: 330-416-7519

Akron voters deserve a choice for mayor. I want to give you an alternative.


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