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Day 22 - The power of Reddit - On The Road To Mayor

July 1, 2015

I had an amazing day today talking with people on the Akron Subreddit. 

If you've never been to Reddit I'd highly recommend it. 

It will take a bit to get in the flow of it. But once you do you'll likely see the power of it. 

Reddit is democracy in action. Stories and comments are upvoted or downvoted. You get more Karma the more you interact. 

Karma is publicly visible and lets people know how much you've contributed to the community. 

I posted a story about my run for mayor. We're currently well over 100 comments so far. 

People asked really hard and good questions. They offered amazing ideas of what they'd like to see happen in Akron. It just was awesome. 

A regular, unfiltered conversation with the city will be a major aspect of my mayoral office. 

As an independent I have no debts to pay back to the party. I only have a debt to pay back to the people of the city. 

I love having these kinds of discussions. Listening to what is important to people is so amazing. 

I believe technology today allows politicians to be tied in with the will of the people more than ever has been possible before. 

I will make full use of that ability during the race and during my time in office. 

Go here to check out the whole Akron Subreddit. I think you'll like it. 

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