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Day 21 - Working On The Road - On The Road To Mayor

June 29, 2015

I love technology. 

That's probably why I'm in the technology business. 

One of the many things I love about it is how it makes you free. With tech you can work (almost) anywhere. 

Between our family's love of travel and traveling for business, I am fortunate to get to see a lot of the country. 

One thing that always surprises me is the dead spots of cell coverage in various places in the country. Those people are cut off. 

Fortunately, Akron has great cell coverage. But Internet is a different thing. I don't have the numbers of homes that don't have Internet access. But I guarantee it's a lot. And it undoubtedly impacts the poorest in our community the hardest. 

One of the early initiatives I want to look into is a government / business mashup where, together, we figure out how to help families with kids get Internet access. 

For those of us with Internet access at home we all know that it has become an extension of our brain. 

I've learned how to change my brake pads and rotors on YouTube. 

I just finished listening to 20 hours of World War I history as a podcast. 

My kid wants to become a videographer / game programmer when he grows up because of the online games and videos he watches. He's already starting to code games at the age of 10. 

The Internet is all the world's art, information, science and religion sitting in a small box in your house. 

We can't let our kids be cut off from that. 

I'm not sure how we do that yet. The first idea I heard was having a business sponsor a block and then pay for Internet access for homes with kids that can't afford it. But I'm very interested in hearing more ideas. 

My first priority is the kids. But my mom often tells me that all seniors should have Internet access because it also connects them to the world. 

My mom is a big Facebooker. 

We're driving back home today. 

Both Rocky and I are big mobile workers. Whoever isn't driving will be pounding on the Chomebook computer jamming as much work in as possible until the other person can't stand it anymore and they need to get some work done. 

The picture above is the rig I'm rolling with on this trip. My newest acquisitions are the All Power solar charger and the Kmashi battery. 

We are spending more and more time off the electric grid. These tools give us that freedom. 

I believe Internet today is like books in the 1500s. Whoever has them will be able to grow and succeed. 

(And let me take this moment and apologize for all the typos and strange words that undoubtedly appear on this site. I write 90% of it on my phone.)

See you back in Akron tomorrow. 

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