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Day 20 - Rest - On The Road To Mayor

June 28, 2015

 Near the end of World War I the German Major-General, Ludendorff, had a mental breakdown. He went to see a psychologist. 

The psychologist told him he needed to take some time for himself. He needed to have a good meal, spend time with friends. 

This sounds absurd as you contrast this to the cataclysmic horror that had transpired over the years on both sides of the war. 

But the psychologist was right. 

Even during intense fighting commanders know they have to cycle soldiers through being on the front line. 

You simply can't keep fighting forever. You'll be crushed... mentally. 

The Great Recession was hard on my business. We lost a lot of clients and we had to lay off a lot of people. I still don't like to say it was hard on me. Because I'm sure it was harder on others. 

But I had to manage the stress somehow. 

I became a marathon runner. I ran 3 marathons in a 12 month period. Chicago, Akron and Pittsburgh. 

The psychological help running gave me was enormous. 

I stopped running because of some over-use injuries on my left side. I then also started taking a mild antidepressant (which I still take). 

You can't serve others if you don't serve yourself first. 

It's like the safety message on an airplane. Put your oxygen mask on first. Then help others. 

I'm writing this from Assateague Island in Maryland. We seem to end up camping here at least once a year. 

This year my kid and his friends are trying crab traps. 

We've camped with Indy since he was 2 and a half. 

Camping is great on many levels.  

It's affordable 

It's an adventure 

You meet cool people

There are endless places to camp 

The next thing I'm going to get into is mediation. It's like taking a little vacation every day. 

I also try to hike on the Towpath and Metroparks as much as possible. (Incidentally those 2 things are some of the most amazing hiking places I've seen anywhere in America.)

Please do yourself a favor: Try to rest and recuperate. It will make you a better worker and family person. 

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