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Day 19 - Why I Ran As A Democrat First - On The Road To Mayor

June 27, 2015

Stephanie Warsmith of the Akron Beacon Journal did an amazing piece on my switch from Democratic candidate for mayor to Independent candidate for mayor. 

This move is highly risky because it gives the board of elections ammunition to say "he declared himself a Democrat by running as a Democrat so he's a Democrat."

The law is very vague as to what constitutes an Independent. 

What is most important to know in this situation is that the Board of Elections is appointed by the Secretary of State and is made up of 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans. 

Just how these parties randomly cut up districts so one will win over the other, the board of elections is set up to favor insider politicians from the two parties. 

I had no choice. If I wanted to be part of the intitial conversation I had to run as a Democrat or Republican. And in Akron I really had to run as a Democrat. 

There are 4 names hand-written on a piece of paper at the Board of Elections that have said they are going to run as Independents. But they are invisible to the people of Akron. No one is talking about them. 

You can't win if no one knows you exist. 

I would have loved to have run as an Independent initially. But it's political suicide. 

You should also know that it's not against the law to do what I'm doing. There is nothing anywhere that says if you don't get enough signatures in one party that you can't try again for another party, as long as you meet the deadline. 

I intended to stay running as a Democrat. But I feel so much better being an Independent. 

And strategically, if I wanted a chance in hell to be a legitimate part of this race I had to run as a Democrat first.

The system is stacked against Independents. It shouldn't be that way. As mayor I will make it a huge priority to make it easier for common people and Independents to run for office in Akron. 

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