Sage Against The Machine

Day 18 – I’m Not Afraid! – The Road To Mayor

Something that is strangely missing is my opponents’ positions on things. 

The people have some very specific questions on things like:

  • The EPA-mandated sewer project. 
  • Homeless
  • Vacant buildings 
  • Schools
  • Jobs 

But I’m not aware of any public declaration from any of the major opponents. 

I know it’s a political strategy. But it seems unfair to the people. And it also actually seems like bad strategy. 

Just from a positioning perspective I think Williams and Comunale should be talking about the issues constantly. If I was their campaign manager I would anticipate loosing the name recognition game to Horrigan. So they only have one thing left: Be the better choice. Win the hearts and minds. 

Maybe it’s coming. But building a brand takes time. 

But as I write this I start to get a little  angry. Yes. As a marketer I know how to position products. But as a citizen I want to know who I’m voting for!


(Deep breath, Sage)

So I’m trying to be the candidate I would want to see run. 

I have two areas of this site where I’m putting out my ideas: (you can click on them)

I will give you my stance on any issue you are interested in. Just ask. 

Will I have a stance that isn’t your stance? God, I hope so. We aren’t robots. We are complicated, messy human beings.  

Will I have some stances that are more gut feeling than well researched? I’m sorry to say, yes. 

Will I change my mind based on new information? Of course! I’m able to learn new things. Duh. 

Will I say something that will turn someone off for wanting to vote for me? I wouldn’t be saying anything of substance if I didn’t. 

It is what elected officials should do. 

The people need to know who they are letting represent them. 

But no. It’s all just a game of chess to these guys. Win. Just win. 

That sucks. 

I’m not afraid to tell you who I am so you know who you are voting for. 

Maybe you can convince the other guys to start to come out on their stances. That would make this race what it should be: A vote for the best candidate. Not a vote for the guy with the most signs, radio ads and tv commercials. 

(I’ll put their positions in this section of the site if and when they show up.)