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Day 17 - Hot Dogs! - The Road To Mayor

June 25, 2015

My goal is to get 1000 signatures by September 7. 1000 signatures that meet all the many requirements of the Board of Elections. 

On Tuesday I looked at my calendar and realized my summer was quickly booking up. 

We love to camp. And we try to get as many camp trips as we can in during the summer. 

We are also taking the biggest camp trip of our lives this summer: Yellow Stone. 1 week out. 1 week there. 1 week back. I've never been gone this long. (Although I'll blog through the trip. I've got some fun campaign ideas for that time. )

What this means is: I realized this on Tuesday and found the only near time I could have an event soon was the next day: Wednesday. 

I quickly made an events category for the site here:

And then I made a Facebook event as well. 

The cool thing about the Web is that 24 hours is a perfectly long enough time to get the word out about an event. 

It. Was. Awesome!

We had about 20 people there. And my friend Orlando is into this. He took petitions and just started walking around the neighborhood. He has hustle. We probably ended up with 30 signatures. 

I got to meet some really cool people. 

I was just so jazzed by the whole thing. 

But maybe the coolest part was getting to talk to some homeless people. I mean, when do you ever get to do that?

(Orlando just called me. He got another 12 signatures. He is a natural born promoter. I feel a little sorry that these other candidates have to go against a guy who has friends like Orlando W., Marcia M. and Deb M. I'll write more about all these people soon. They are forces of nature.)

This one guy was so grateful that we offered him a hot dog. When I asked him how many he wanted it was like he had never heard those words before. 

He made me want to cook hot dogs every day.

Another guy I had met before. He's so cool because he never asks for money. All he asks for is work. "Do you have any jobs I can do." I never can think of any. 

Meeting these homeless people is so inspiring. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed because I had a busy day. These guys don't know where they're going to sleep or eat a few hours from now. And they're so cool. Amazing. 

Today I just feel thankful. 

I'm thankful you are so supportive along this journey.  

I'm thankful George Washington believed in humanity so much that he created this wonderful system that, while suppressed by the Democrats and Republicans at the moment, continues to allow me (and all of us) the chance to run our own government without a ruling class. 

I'm thankful I have the health and energy to push the journey all the way to the November 3rd election. 

And I'm thankful for hotdogs. $1.59 from Dave's for 8 of them. And they let me meet so many cool new people today. 

Thank you. 

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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