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Day 29 - I Believe In You - On The Road To Mayor

July 7, 2015

I highly recommend the PBS special on Mount Rushmore:

This is one of those stories of defying all logic, rationalism and "reality."

These stories are everywhere if you look for them. 

Very likely someone in your family at some point did something amazing and unbelievable. 

These kinds of stories are so common that you think people would stop saying:

  • You can't do that. 
  • That won't work. 
  • You aren't qualified. 
  • You aren't smart enough. 
  • You aren't old enough. 
  • You're too old. 
  • That's too hard. 
  • I know someone who tried that and failed. 

There are no limits to the ways people will try to stop you from doing something meaningful and interesting with your life. 

Your parents. Your brothers and sisters. Your best friends. Everyone is happy to tell you endless reasons for not trying something. 

Why don't people instinctively tell you all the reasons you should do something instead? I don't know. 

But they don't. 


You can do it. 

You don't need anyone's permission. 

You don't need anything more than you have right now to get started. 

Break down your goals into manageable steps. Do the parts that you can afford and you have the time and capability to do now. The small steps are critical to completing the big steps. 

  • Start a business. 
  • Start a band. 
  • Run for office.
  • Paint a painting. 
  • Go camping. 
  • Run a marathon. 
  • Learn to code. 
  • Move to Europe. 
  • Learn to sail. 
  • Learn to dance. 
  • Learn to sing. 

There is nothing that is too ridiculous or too grand that you can't do. 

I believe in you. 

Oh! Additionally today I was interviewed for my 2nd time on WAKR, this time by Jasen Sokol! Here's the interview, please share it with your friends and family:

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