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Day 37 - Competition - On The Road To Mayor

July 16, 2015

I just got back from Eddie Sipplen's fundraiser event. 

(For the record, those trying to keep me off the ballot, I didn't donate to him. So you can't try to corner me as a Republican in Independent's clothing. I'm definitely not a Republican.)

I've gotten to spend a bit of time with Eddie. I like him. 

We have different values on probably many things. But that's what America is. We are the melting pot. We are all Americans first. And that's what matters most. 

Please slow down and read this next sentence carefully and slowly:

If you want to actually be listened to and engaged with your city's government, consider Eddie and my campaigns carefully. 

I'm 37 days into my entire political career and you wouldn't even believe if I told you how you are being sidelined and manipulated for power and money by those in charge. 

If you vote for one of the Democrats for mayor have a VERY good reason to do so. 

If you vote for them just because they look like a happy family and they are handsome you are handing all your control and power to the 1%. 

Eddie and I are giving you options that the Democrats never wanted you to have. You were just supposed to vote for one of them, preferably Dan Horrigan, and that was that. 

In Akron the Democrats believe the only election that matters is the Democratic primary on September 8. 

The general election on November 3, when you will see my name and Eddie's name on a ballot the first and only time, is supposed to just be a formality. 

That's what the Democrats are hoping. 

They are hoping you are just the mindless masses that will vote solely on name recognition. (They believe the stats that say at least 70% of voters vote just because they heard the name.)

The Democrats will say as little as possible about their stances on any issues. 

Watch Eddie's site. He will definitely be laying out exactly what he wants to do. 

He, and I, can only stand a chance of winning this thing by giving you real ideas and solid reasons why we should be mayor. 

Please don't let the Democrats' pessimism win this mayoral race. Demand specific initiatives that they will accomplish and then hold them to them.

It's your city. Not theirs. 

And finally:

Click here for my ideas for initiatives I want to accomplish as mayor. 

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