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Day 38 – All Hail Wealthy Donors & Power Mongers! – On The Road To Mayor

 House of Cards
Money and politics. 

This is the great corruption of America. 

Money buys political favors: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. 

Find great political power and I guarantee you will find money hovering around it like bees to honey. 

Politicians need the money so they can flood the market with endless advertisements so they can get into power. Most lifelong politicians don’t have their own money. So they have to beg for money from rich people and rich people don’t get rich by just giving their money away.

If they’re going to give away their hard earned dividends they want something in return. They want more money. 

Most career politicians want power first and foremost. They will say pretty much anything to get it. That means that politicians will take the money so they can fill their insatiable desire for power. And rich people will give them the money because it all but guarantees to get them more money. 

And so it goes. 

If you didn’t notice, I never once mentioned anything about you, the people

There is almost no way of knowing if a politician really has any desire to accomplish anything other than what he/she was paid to accomplish. That being said there are some tech Websites and projects that aim to inform people, but it’s still a difficult task. I’m talking about sites like Open Secrets, which aims to inform voters on contributions to candidates and Politifact, which looks through politicians records to validate that statements made publicly are actually true. However those run into huge hurdles when dealing with National or State politics. For them, it’s almost impossible to track local politics.

I would like to make that easier. I would like for Akron and it’s Representatives to be as transparent as is humanly possible. I’d like to work with sites like Open Secrets and Politifact and figure out what they need and how they need it delivered to take Akron to the next level. This is not impossible. This is technology. This is where I thrive. This is one way of pushing our fine city to be more open, honest, and accountable to you & I, the people who live here.

Currently: Anything our career politicians do manage to accomplish is used for their next campaign. 

Do you really think they care about abortion, guns or religion? These are merely talking points and tools used divide and manipulate the masses. 

You can only pull their political power scepter out of their cold dead hands. 

This is so far away from what the founding fathers wanted. 

America has been proud of being the great symbol of freedom and liberty to all the world. 

We are now the great symbol of power and greed to all the world. 

This does NOT represent the people I know. This does NOT represent the fair City of Akron. Instead this is caused by the warped, grotesque deformed beast created by the power mongers. This is what is brought about by your career politicians. Those who cared more about their own views and policies than the people they were supposed to represent.

And sadly there was very little that could be done about this for a very long time. 

After all, the only way your voice could be heard was if the media gatekeepers let your voice be heard. You were powerless. 

We live in a time unlike any other time in history. 

Today the gates have been breached. The power hierarchy is crumbling. 

You are about to take back your country. City by city, the people’s voice in America is no longer inconsequential. It should have been and was intended to be this way.

The people matter. The people are waking up. 

It is time to take our government back. 

By the people. For people. 

We have a message for the lying politicians and greedy barons:



3 responses to “Day 38 – All Hail Wealthy Donors & Power Mongers! – On The Road To Mayor”

  1. John A. Avatar
    John A.

    I love this. I love this so much. I really like the ideas presented here but I’d like to hear about how you think they will be implemented.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you!

      The tools are available today to allow the people to speak directly with the government officials. A Reddit-like environment where people upvote and downvote ideas that are then implemented by the mayor. That’s my initial strategy. But, without a doubt, it will evolve.

      We can create an environment where people are plugged into the political system very directly. And their voice becomes the sole motivation for how government moves.

      This can happen!

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